St. Paul Shopping Centre

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Location: St. Paul, Alberta
Address: 4210 - 50 Avenue

Property Information

The St. Paul Shopping Centre is best described as an enclosed mall featuring a linear configuration, with each end-cap unit occupied by a Sobeys food store and a SAAN Department store.  In addition, a Petro Canada gas bar is located on the southeast corner of the site, and future pad development is available on the southwest corner of the site.

The building is a single-storey, concrete block structure that was originally constructed in 1987. Exterior finish is painted concrete block with some brick accent. The roof is flat and covered with a bonded tar and gravel compound. There are two extended metal parapets located above either of the two main entrance points along the south elevation of the building.

Overall, the net leasable area of the subject property is 65,425 square feet.

Micro Market

St. Paul, Alberta, is located on Highway No. 28, 208 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.  The 2004 census revealed a population of 5,144, up from 5,061 in 2003.  St. Paul is strategically located in the centre of the central/east region of Alberta, and as a result, maintains its status as a major trading centre for the surrounding area. Major agricultural products include poultry, processed feeds, canola seed/legume seed, beef, honey, coarse grains, and dairy products. An excellent road system and a 3,500-foot paved airstrip provide
easy access to and from the area.

The St. Paul Shopping Centre is located along 50th Avenue, which spans the entire width of the town and is the primary commercial corridor.  Notable developments in the immediate area include several retail strips located south of the St. Paul Shopping Centre, a new Super 8 motel and McDonald’s restaurant (west of the property), the Co -op Mall, and several strip retail centres and restaurants including Boston Pizza and A&W (east of the property).

New construction in St. Paul involves a freestanding Home Hardware store recently erected southeast of the property, and a proposed retail property located in the extreme west end of town along 50th Avenue.  Newer retail development is occurring in the eastern portion of the town, with proximity to the St. Paul Shopping Centre.  The St. Paul Shopping Centre is an enclosed mall that is considered the focal point of retail development in town.

The St. Paul Shopping Centre occupies a strong location along 50th Avenue in the primary commercial district of St. Paul. The majority of new construction has been occurring in direct proximity to the property, which is the focal point of commercial activity in St. Paul, benefiting from the retail synergies created along the 50th Avenue corridor.

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