Three Hills

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Location: Three Hills, Alberta
Address: 130 - 4 Avenue N.E.

Property Information

The Three Hills property is the company’s first and smallest property, comprising 9,000 square feet of leasable space, which was purchased in September 1999.  Three Hills is a community of approximately 3,600 people and a trading population of approximately 11,000, located between Calgary and Red Deer.  This property was originally leased to Saan Stores.  In early 2005, Saan filed for CCAA protection, during which the company continued to pay its rent until it vacated the property in April 2005.  After a complete renovation including a new roof, the property was leased to The Bargain! Shop in June 2005, for a ten-year period at almost double the past rent.  In 2013, Red Apple Stores Inc. acquired lease from The Bargain! Shop.

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